32 thoughts on “We Played In a $100,000 Golf Tournament

  1. Could do a Ryder cup format.. all the yanks..
    good good. Bryan bros. Foreplay. Zack Redford and more..
    Rick shiels. And co.
    Golf mates. James Wiltshire. James Robinson. Seb. and many more. would be iconic YouTube watching I’m sure they could secure funding between all these platforms what a great watch that would be 👌🏻

  2. great vid, we have to respect they still focused partially on entertaining us the viewers, when competing for a huge sum of money. much love y'all are my inspiration.

  3. What the hell was going on with that scorecard? lol it was the wrong total the entire time, then when Garrett finished its supposed to be +2 instead of -2. And Bubbie is supposed to be even, but showing a -2 as well. 🤔 I'm so confused.

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