39 thoughts on “Three Pointers Have Ruined Basketball

  1. Mate, love your videos. Please learn the difference between theory and hypothesis. There is no difference between in theory and in practice. If there were – you would not have a theory, but a hypothesis. Bloody yanks

  2. I think the reason why the 3pt percentages never went up is because 1. People take harder 3pt shots you'd get benched in the 90s if you took any of the wild stepback off balance 3pt some of the players now take 2. With way more attempts the quality of shots also goes down now players have the green light to shoot whenever they feel they have a good shot but the difference between a good shot now and a good shot then is huge 3. Before guards were the only ones taking 3pt now big men are taking them too which is obviously a harder shot for them which brings down the average I think if we look at 6'6 players and below we'd find that the 3pt% have gone up a lot

  3. This reminds me of MMA… when a fighter is a good wrestler it makes his opponents scared he is going to shoot for the take down on them… this leaves him open to take more boxing 🥊 shots on his opponent. Because his guard is down waiting to defend the take-down it leaves him wide open to get hit in the face. Having a very honed and dangerous weapon leaves you open to not even needing to use it because your opponent is so scared of it they and they are putting so much energy into defending the possibility of it they leave themselves open to other avenues of attack. Just like basketball there are many intricacies to the game. It becomes a very strategic game where you need all the parts working to be the best.

  4. If 3’s are that easy then why doesn’t every team in the NBA just shoot only 3’s all the time? It would make sense given they are worth more points. Why do anything else? This is a ridiculous argument. The next evolution of the game is not getting rid of 3’s or making them count for less but creating a defense that can guard against them!!! They are part of the game! In response to what Russillo was saying, just because a team isn’t driving the ball but making their points with 3’s doesn’t mean they are lesser of a team… it just means they score using a different strategy and have a different skillset!You can’t fault a team for having players that have honed their long shot skills. The idea that somehow because they are staying in the game because they are making 3’s and that makes them less of a team is just absurd. I think it exposes a weakness of the other team of not being able to guard against the 3’s.

  5. The three-point line needs to be eliminated on the left and right side of the court to make it more easier to defend so it doesn't open up so much of the court and makes it a more difficult shot to get off. I have become disenfranchised with today's NBA, it's just not as competitive as it used to be. However, I decided to watch the 2022 finals highlights for each game this year. Over half of the Highlight Reel was guys passing the ball around until someone was somewhat open for a three-point shot. The highlights literally looked like a Three-Point Contest. If I had been watching those games I would have been channel surfing.

  6. If a points re-evaluation ever is considered id just say look at football/soccer. There's no extra points given if you score outside the box but a good % of shots are taken from out there because of the defence is so compact . There's the offside trap and of course the easiest way to score is to move the ball as close as possible inside the box to shoot which is hard to do against top tier defences.

  7. This might sound silly but after losing interest in basketball after the 90s I got lectured by this gamer a couple if years ago on an online basketball game who was telling me to set up more 3 point plays that this is how things are done now. I was oblivious this was a change to the game. That said, it never massievly altered the way I'd play offensively. Some gamers do it so religiously it becomes predictable and hurts them. I've played against countless guys who will have open lay ups or 2 point jumpers, but dribble out instead to try a 3 and brick it. Once u clock this predictability your less susceptible to falling for fake drives to the hoop that you know they'll never attempt and you can pressure that 3 point shot. Offensively the guys i play with are all on the same wave length and its amazing how vulnerable these 3 point clowns are defensively because they just seem oblivious to cuts inside for easy 2s or think its a tactical advantage to let u have it.

  8. Guaranteed most of the dislikes are people who read the title and left lmao. Great video very informative and I even liked the way you told it felt very story like.

  9. Obviously making it worth 2.5 would be too huge of a change. Moving the line a few inches back is the solution for nerfing the 3 pointer, if they decide to do so.

  10. Before anyone says Curry ruined basketball, it isn't his fault. He shot a lot of threes, but he didn't tell anyone to shoot them. He even said that himself, he didn't try to change how anyone played, he was just so damn good at shooting. Players, kids, and grownups decided to shoot those threes bc of how insane they were. So to any of the people saying that Curry ruined the game, it's not his fault, people just decided to imitate him

  11. They just need to eliminate the corner 3. It lets offenses stretch the defenders too much because they always have to look for that cross court pass when a drive or post play fails. A shorter 3 point arc would allow defenders to have a easier time guarding the 3 ball cause they could press up on players in the backcourt without having to worry about that short 22ft corner 3 that these '3 and D' players thrive on.

  12. idk what's more redacted the entire 3point meta or the fact there's still no effective system to shut down said meta. COACHES TF ARE YOU DOING

  13. Stopping at 10:11, that is exactly why it's garbage. No one wants to watch that many more shots not go in. Period. End of debate, as the entire livelihood of the sport (and most sports) is revenue which comes from viewership. And as I just stated, viewers don't wanna watch teams take 35+ 3pt'ers and miss the large percentage of them.

  14. The solution y counting the 3s as 2s. Inside the line count it as 3 and outside as 2. That way you have to be in the paint to earn a 3 and if you settle for an easy shot outside the line you get 2 points.

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