22 thoughts on “Kevin Durant SWEEPSTAKES! – Woj talks where KD might land 🍿 | NBA Today

  1. They were both gonna stay . Nets weren’t gonna fumble the bag this hard . But they may regret not giving Kyrie an extension. He’s probably gone next season

  2. Not to sound old but man I'd hate to be a die hard fan of Players today. Stars a while ago you could buy 2 possibly 3 different team jerseys for your favourite player. These days it's a lottery if they stay with the same team and by the end of their career you'd have 6 – 10 team jerseys 🤣🤣

  3. As a Knicks fan, you can play a clip from 15 years ago about their offseason plan and it would literally be the exact same with different names. Dumping contracts to get (insert player), mortgaging their future on (insert player) signing to the Knicks. (Insert player) signs elsewhere, end up with an overpaid (insert player).

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