39 thoughts on “Serena Williams / Ons Jabeur vs Bouzkova / Sorribes Tormo Full Highlights | Wta Eastbourne 2022

  1. Funny that people say ons is potential serena . She was such a weak link in the partnership here . Moment serrna got the ball u felt somethings turning in the point . Ons can hardly outhit nor out manouver any of the other three women on the court .

  2. My guess is that Serena is playing doubles in her comeback to hide that she is now really slow when moving on the court. This does not bode well for her singles play. Basically, she is serving and striking the ball well. But I have serious doubts about her movement on the court in a singles match.

  3. Loved it when ons fell, everybody cared about her and especially sorribes Tormo instantly coming to the net, wonderful sportsmanship👌

    Btw thanks @TennisTan for uploading this for us and giving us the opportunity to watch this wonderful game

  4. Props to Bouzkova and Sorribes Tormo for playing beautiful tennis. Maybe not the most competitive, but the one that makes matchs fun to see.

  5. Good lord! Great match to watch. I really was on the wrong side when I doubted Serena can still compete to win a major. She clearly has it still.

    No knock on Serena. She’s the GOAT for me, right up there with Steffi. I just thought with a year off away from stiff competition, she’d lose an edge.

    I can see Serena still has that fire inside of her. I’m glad i was wrong because I’ll be excited to see her play some singles action at Wimbledon.

    The reality for all the women is scary to me. Serena seems like she can come around and open up some more whoop ass! Truly amazing!

    She gets me glued to the TV, just like Rafa! A transcendent talent we won’t soon see again!

  6. Serena definitely does not look like the Serena of old. Her serve is definitely not what it used to be and her movement is not that great either. But hats off to her for holding her own out there with the young ones. Go Serena!

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