46 thoughts on “Hideki Matsuyama's Golf Career May OFFICIALLY Be Over After This..

  1. How about a country that has open borders resulting in hundreds of illegal immigrant and innocent people suffering, exploited and being killed? That is the USA.

  2. Clickbait plain n simple. No one would EVER get banned for life. Not from the PGA Tour nor for a rules infraction like this. It’s just a DQ from that particular tourney bc he had already signed his card and used the club during his round. If he hadn’t used the club then no penalty

  3. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS VIDEO!? Are you just going to repeat and repeat and pad and pad and repeat and pad, and pad with repetition about repeating padding. Jesus christ, there's literally NO content here. "PGA Tour player disqualified for using an alignment marker on his club, violating an equipment rule" IT ONLY NEEDS TO BE SAID ONCE!

  4. Rory McIlroy it's not an American golfer. He is an Irish golfer. This is just one more example of idiots on YouTube with no knowledge of the subject matter they're discussing. No wonder this clown only has 25,000 subscribers. Not to mention the title was total clickbait.

  5. Out of Russia ➡️ Dishonest, misleading story ➡️ That checks out. STOP CLICKING ON THIS CHANNEL'S VIDEOS, STOP SUBSCRIBING TO ANOTHER RUSSIAN LIAR. DISLIKE VIDEO.

  6. You take CNN's banner and font and write a dishonest headline, to deliberately mislead people. Are you that thirsty and desperate for clicks? Who subscribes to you and likes your bullsh!t?

  7. They are stupid enough to think that people don’t realize that the United States government is the worst and most evil of them all maybe that is why Clickbait

  8. Painting a line on the face of a Driver doesn't help you line up the club. That's why the drivers have a line or a mark on the top of the head. STUPID STUPID F***ING RULES. I've watched golf my whole life, but I have to say, I'm just about done with it. It's getting stale. The commentators are just HORRIBLE. And they only show the golfers that the network wants to show.. The LIV tournament was better..

  9. Ridiculous. People who make these rules are the ones who cheat all the time on the golf course. Moving balls & giving themselves putts way out of range.

  10. PGA TOUR are the problem . They are so confused about why and how rules work . Look how , they actually believe that Freedom is something only they are entitled to . And no one else in the world has the right to choose for themselves !

  11. Look at what our current government has done to its own citizens… Afghanistan, pipelines, Sabotage cows, chickens and fish….. All the people our government has murdered in the name of freedom… Compared to Saudi Arabia they are misdemeanors to our felonies…. I wouldn't doubt the pga paid fort and others to say what they said…. Matsuyama is a great kid, the pga is trying to demonize him…. Why?
    Why not share what the kid had to say In His defence? PGA JUST WANTS TO MONOPOLIZE, so they start by acting like a little cry baby. These are professional athletes that deserve respect. No organisation should have the control they want, you know, destroy lives if they don't do as they say.

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