20 thoughts on “Dramatic Matteo Berrettini vs Denis Kudla Highlights | Queen's 2022

  1. I saw Kudla against Sonego and against Berrettini, a solid player, difficult to beat, I should also see him on other surfaces, but I am amazed that he is not further ahead in the ranking

  2. This Italian Matteo has the chance to win a grandslam, all he wants to do is to change his game style especially when his opponent is Nadal and Djokovic. He has it all the height and the aggressiveness👏

  3. Berrettini is certainly one of the smartest players on tour in terms of tennis IQ. Strong serve and forehand. While his backhand could use some work, he doesn't let the opponent exploit it. He has great touch which will serve him well on grass. But the downside is he IS coming back from a significant injury and he's still a little rusty. He's going to be a legit contender at the U.S. Open for sure. Wimbledon? If he's truly healthy he can be a contender. But he's going from playing no matches in three months to playing a ton of matches in a short time span.

  4. I'm reading so many bad comments about Matteo, maybe people should think about the fact that he didn't play for 84 days, it's pretty normal that he can't play every match at 100%, what makes the difference for a champion is the mentality during these kind of matches and thank God he has the right one. Go Hammer🔨🇮🇹❤️

  5. Glad to see Berrettini fight through, but I have to wonder if he was sick, or something? His energy seemed to be severely lagging.

    Maybe too much Five Guys? Did he thank Immodium, again?

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