31 thoughts on “Highlights | Round 2 | Travelers | 2022

  1. The concern the PGA have is that the PGA tour currently have a crop of young players that while talented, have all the charisma of sliced brown bread.

    Speith? Thomas? Cantlay? Yes they play great golf, but I would rather watch paint dry than an interview of those two Ambien sponsors. And dont get me started on that mouthy brown nosed woke boy we call Rory. Can't stand the sight of him.

    LIV have taken everyone with a personality and charisma. And that is something a score cannot replicate and why Jay Monaghan suddenly 'found' over $54m in additional prize money and is losing his mind like a spoiled child with his toys taken away.

    Well done Greg. We Americans hate a monopoly. Especially when it is held with such arrogant hypocrisy.

  2. I hate the arrogant attitude of the PGA highlight video team. We know you all read these comments. The highlight reels are absolutely terrible, how do you not show Rory’s quad. Please listen to our feedback PGA team: IF THERE IS A 5 FOOT PUTT THEN I AM MORE INTERESTED IN THE SHOT LEADING TO THE 5 FOOT PUTT. Thanks

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  4. How Cink made that putt is nuts if that thing doesn’t hit the flag and go in its 20 feet past the hole that thing had some speed on it. Sometimes you need a lil luck!

  5. Briefly tip toeing over the explanation to why Mcilroy dropped 6 shots on 2 holes is either the height of laziness, or a lack of understanding in basic sports journalism. Absolutely pathetic coverage.

  6. These highlights are semi garbage….if there was a way to see more of the action today then that's fine…just a teaser…but…there isn't any way to see any action from today if you didn't catch it live…so…I guess we are being punished for having to work today…ok…got it…nothing new here…this channel is by far the worst of any pro sport….complete garbage year after year just not even caring what the fans want to see…and the pga seems to be some sort of karen culture reacting to things instead of creating something positive…we are still waiting.

  7. You Muppets at the PGA Tour highlights department are tone deaf to what's going on. 3min14sec of highlights is all you have? No wonder the public don't care for your self righteousness in the current competitive environment.

  8. I don’t want to see these LIV a holes who are in bed with the murderous Saudis ever again. Take your $ and run you sell outs. Too bad Phil you sell out

  9. AM SO GLAD THIS MUSIC IS BACK! I THOUGHT THURSDAY'S THEME WAS GONE FOREVER. LOLOL. I don't care how many people say this music is weird blah blah blah. Keep at it, PGA. LIV doesn't have as epic a soundtrack as you guys

  10. This golf with these players is every bit as exciting to watch without the pros who bolted for LIV. I understand why they left, golfers are getting paid fortunes just to show up. But LIV golf is not about improving Saudi Arabia's reputation in the world. It's about destroying the PGA, one of the few unifying sports groups left in the USA. I will NOT watch a second of LIV golf. I don't care if PGA folds and LIV golf is the only golf on TV or streamed. I will NOT watch a second of LIV golf. Period.

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