48 thoughts on “What will a TOUR PRO golfer score around a public course?

  1. Honestly if he did 1% better on his putting he would have gotten to his original goal he was so close on so many especially the long eagle put on a wet course and he made no excuses this dude is OG and I forget his name but he is a fave

  2. let's be completely honest here….this would be considered a "very difficult" normal, neighborhood course. 6500 yds is still decently long.

    find a course thats barely over 6k yds…dude would shoot a 48

  3. Proves a couple of preconceptions about pros. When golf isn't played every day, rust sets in. When greens leave "vapor trails" onputting line they don't break as much and are slow. Pros play par threes FAR better than amateurs.

  4. I get that he’s a tour pro and he’s obviously very good but I just love that last part “to his own admission he’s not playing very good today” – same thing I hear from my buddies who claim they are scratch golfers and then shoot a 90 when I golf with them. Btw I suck. Not picking on the pro here

  5. "As Real As It Can Get"????????? I'm laughing my ass off! This what us 70+ yr olds call, "Pussy Golfing" Having to rely on electronic gadgets that tells you the distance and elevation, lets you zoom in so you can actually see the contours (hills, dips, angles) of where you are aiming, etc. We had to estimate distance, guess what the contours were, and our ONLY visual aid was to see how the flag was moving (once we got close enough to actually see it – no binoculars) and we still scored pretty well. I'm curious how well he would do if he had play the course "Old School".

  6. (record scratch) Wait a minute, here! You made him play the greens cold?! I don’t care who you are, I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to go in that cold. What are you trying to do to the poor guy?!

  7. The best lesson is the attitude and demeanour required to be a great golfer. This was such an interesting video, I often wonder how a pro would do on th3 courses I play.

  8. If I played with Rick Shiels and he just kept talking non stop when I'm about to swing and right after I would literally just leave. Dude just keeps talking. So annoying.

  9. I'm only a semi-decent amateur. . .and going from putting on the nice greens at my local club to the slow greens at the municipal course is really difficult. Its amazing how different I have to putt at the two courses. I can't imagine how difficult those slow greens are for a guy used to tour speed.

  10. Machine off the tee, beautiful ball flight, a pleasure to behold. Sam appears to need a little extra motivation, like a $1000 Nassau, to get his peak concentration going to score. Thanks.

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