12 thoughts on “FIRST TAKE | "Steph surpass LeBron with Warriors win at least 2 NBA title in next 4 year"- Stephen A

  1. KLAY Thompson is a really good all around player, but the truth is, if KLAY Thompson is on fire, it doesn’t matter if you have Lebron or Jordan. So I say it’s up to him if GS wins more titles. Have you ever seen a man score 70 points and dribble the ball 12 times??? He is a Giant killer. But is he still elite?

  2. If GS is healthy and Wiseman, Kuminga, and Moody project as we expect, plus Wiggins will be a little better and Klay will be 100 Klay, the Warriors can win at least two. One other thing I may add. Had it not been for Green's suspension, Bogut's injury and the fact that Igoudala and Curry were banged up in the 2016 finals, and the devasting injuries in 2019, Curry, Thompson, Looney, and Green would be 6-0 right now!

  3. The Warriors can win 1 to 4 championships in next four years being healthy with the right role players! The Warriors are a great team with a group of winners ! Great system and great coaching as well!

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