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  1. I watched this vid twice then went out to my backyard where I I use the plastic wiffle golf balls to practice I followed your setup steps, and hit 15 practice driver shots 3 went right the remaining went straight or just a bit off center, for me this is a major improvement.
    I was doing everything wrong like your student Liam, thank you Sir.

  2. Wow-what a difference! I'm one of those who ….. oh heck I didn't know you can use your arms If I'm understanding you, sir!

  3. Danny you’re killing me!!! We wanted to see that 200+ yards on the screen! You took him from a short slice to a 197 Middle cut fairway. We needed to see and be happy with him! Love the vids! Keep them coming! ✌🏾

  4. Fantastic lesson Danny. I’ve been struggling with slicing my driver forever and I believe you just helped me fix it. Thank you !

  5. The reason he's slicing the ball is because his body has far too much lateral body movement and his grip is cack handed. The other thing that works is to make sure you give the club head a bit of a twizzle at the end of the swing if you've hit the ball straight. The other thing is don't grab the club too tight on the back swing and impact, but grip it tighter on the follow through to prevent the club sliding out your hands and it ends up landing somewhere near the ladies tee box. And that is something you definitely want to avoid on the 1st tee when people are watching. I've managed to get my handicap down from 25 to 20 in less than 2 years so these basic tips worked for me. Good luck.

  6. I LOVE THIS LESSON!!!! DANNY YOU ARE AMAZING MAN!!! Keep showing videos like these which is easier to relate for us mediocre golfers. I sent ur videos to my friends! Excellent video!

  7. Danny … such great lessons … I just had an "Aha" moment with putting and bifocal glasses. Did you know that nothing looks straight when you are peering through the bifocal (close up) lens. I finally ditched my bifocals when I got to the green. Wonder of wonders … the putting line looks straight in relation to the cup! Would you consider some research and a lesson on this topic?

  8. Danny I have been having major trouble with a slice lately. Been to the driving range trying to find a solution, but to no avail .Then I watched the video with Liam ,in fact I watched it about 5 times ,trying to take in everything. Anyway just got back from a practice session on my home course.I can honestly say I have never hit the driver so straight. You Mr Maude are a golfing genius. Thank you.Im not at 100% but I am getting there.

  9. I hope that Leo won't mind me saying that he doesn't swing a club like a natural athlete, but the transformation that he (with help from you) achieved in such a short time is amazing. I hope that Leo persists and learns to love the game.

  10. So exciting to see the change from the beginning of the lesson to the end, like that you fixed the swing then added better equipment and in that order most golfers just throw money at equipment.

  11. Nice improvement in a short time. I'd like to see the student try throwing a ball and then hurling a frisbee. With all due respect it doesn't look like he's grown up with a lot of those actions in his past. He needs to use more leg, body and wrist cock. That will get him well over 200yards.

  12. Danny you really are such a great teacher, not sure what others are missing but when I watch your instructions they just make sense, I can incorporate the lessons immediately and have seen dramatic results, can't wait to get to the range and start working on this set up routine, but even standing in my living room with the driver I can already see how I was set up to slice and how this new set up has me in the correct position. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. So awesome to see someone improve like this in a short amount of time. Please come to Orlando, Florida and have a golf clinic weekend. Much appreciated! ⛳️🙏🇺🇸

  14. Great lesson, just exactly what I do, slice, come down on the ball, hit it low, going to try the tips next time out, 80 yards in one lesson brilliant

  15. I just can't get enough of your videos!! I played to a single digit handicap about 20 years ago, but as kids' stuff took more time and work stresses caused less play and practice – I became a terrible, spraying hitter. I then started trying to fix the swing and only compounded things. My local pro had retired and I could not find any of the newer folks, that I felt good with. It got so bad that I simply stuck my clubs in the closet about nine years ago and walked away from the game. My youngest recently graduated university and some buddies have been bugging me to play again, so eight weeks ago I decided to give it a go. I hoped that I would have lost some of my bad habits, but they were still present and even worse, I could hardly strike the ball with my driver/woods. In desperation, I decided to search the interwebs and came across one of your videos. Slowly but surely, I am starting to hit the ball by trying to incorporate your instructions. Your method is brilliant! My wife travels internationally for work, so I am going to make a point to join her the next time a London trip is planned and I am going to come find you – even if it is only to shake your hand.

  16. What a video.
    What a lesson.
    I've watched many videos over many years but this is the best explained back to basics I've seen.
    Simple tips but explained beautifully. 👍🏼👏🏼

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