1. Brendan on point with the food puns in this round. Hopefully the sno-cone and taco made a good snack 🌮

    The answer to your question is thus: the hairpins offset this track that is composed of multiple drag strips, which oddly enough, make for a safer course due to the downshift. Had these been normal turns, the cars risk flying off the track due to their speed in the straightaway.

    Truth be told, this is the "Dive Round". As cool as the Fast Foodies are, the cars are either bulky in the back and lose too much speed on the turns, or lack being streamlined, which allows the more Aerodynamic Exotics to overtake them easily.

  2. The McLaren Studebaker. Never thought I'd see a x-over between those two automakers. Especially given Studebaker's been done for how long now? Haha!
    Nice track. Liked this one, save the fantasy cars though. Although I do get them for the kids…

  3. I agree with your performance theory for this particular course. That indicates to me a shorter, lower, heavier vehicle is the optimum design. BTW: Hate "fantasy cars" of any kind.

  4. On a track like this, weight and wheel quality being equal, a 1970 Custom Honda Civic would dominate a Cadillac V16. These tight turns favour a shorter than average wheelbase.

  5. The Fast Foodies team had me concerned, winning the first two races handily. Team Exotic rallied and never looked back. 👍 Awesome show and the track times set today were simply astonishing 💯😎🏁

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