15 thoughts on “RADUCANU vs GARCIA | Wimbledon 2022 | Live Tennis Play-by-Play Stream

  1. raducanu vs. gracia, same thing, she loose in her second round match! Last year went 4th round!😱 Raducanu is finish! Her 2022 U.S. Open result will be the same as 2022 Wimbledon!😵‍💫 Should of never changed up her team after U.S. Open win!☹️ Raducanu is no longer plays like her old self when she won the U.S. Open title! 😫 4-5 new tennis coaches in less then a year changed her game forever for the bad!☹️

  2. Radacanu if she didn't win the US open we would be saying who is Radacanu, I don't think she has got past the 2nd round of any tournament since, yet she gets seeded 10 work that one out.

  3. Only one drop shot from Emma and she won that point. And only one volley which Emma also won. Not a single slice shot. Both of Garcia's thighs were wrapped up but Emma shows no intention to make Garcia move more. Emma's first 2 warmup shots were nowhere near the court ( like cricket batting !). I guess pointless Wimbledon can wait for Emma but not the coming fast hardcourt swing. I think the points are worth a lot more for Emma because of the sponsors ( again, Wimbledon can wait ).

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