26 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas | Rome 2022 Final Highlights

  1. Djokovic the Putin-Lover and Genocide-Supporter. You must be so proud, Serbia. You've finally found a hero who so accurately embodies your fascistic, murderous character.

  2. A genous is a genous but he is so kind he never once said anything bad about nadal but we can all see the corruption for his victory but with Novak tennis is in his blood , he can sleep playing

  3. Too many unforced errors by Tsitsipas. If ALcaraz, Nadal and Djokovic are in good shape , I don’t see Tsitsipas winning ever at Roland Garros. His problem is mentality

  4. Apparently Tstispas came out after the final and started practicing his serve. He seemed to be having huge problems with his ball toss in that first set.

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