33 thoughts on “Daria Kasatkina vs. Bianca Andreescu | 2022 Bad Homburg Quarterfinal | WTA Match Highlights

  1. Congratulations to Andrea Andreescu, beating the tournament #1 and on to the semis at a good tennis tournament. I heard her interviewed on my local radio and noticed she has a very high tennis I.Q while being headstrong and full of mental strategies. Good luckk in your matches.

  2. Since her Time off she fell back into the 100's now she's seeded in the 50's and in the Final in Germany. I don't know about Halep? Sore Neck? I don't think the two of them ever played each other. She beat Emma and Serena Twice , US open champ Bianca Andreescu

  3. Самый игровой зрелищный теннис в Лиге в последние годы у Касаткиной! Господи, ну когда же Даша станет играть чуть жестче ? Несла бы тогда всех подряд…

  4. I can just imagine the flack Bianca would receive on YouTube if she would have walked away from the match. I’m praying she stays for the final. She needs to play and win it for several reasons. Go Bibi Go!

  5. Bianca's got game for grass. Compared to Naomi she has a better chance going deep at Wimbledon, out of the young grand slam winners the past few years, of course Raducanu is also right up there since she grew up playing the surface.

  6. I like watching Andreescu. She’s a very physical baseliner & all her strokes are powerful. I think the comparisons to Kim Clijisters style-of-play are fairly accurate

  7. Bianca is and always will be my favourite player to watch!! I'd even say she's probably my favourite athlete in general, her mindset, maturity, passion, drive and skill level are all so inspiring to me. Not to mention her intensity too, everyone loves a good "come on"! Go win this tournament Bibi 💪❤

  8. Two of the most beautiful ladies in the game play a totally entertaining match! Bianca, when healthy, is clearly one of the elite talents in WTA, and Daria is a scrapper and a serious competitor. Great highlights. Thank you.

  9. Yeahhh Bianca wins big. My favorite player on the women's tour. She is a good sport. Humble yet strong and resilient. She is such a pure professional and lady like. Tennis as a sport wins when Bianca wins. She is easy to cheer for. All I can say is GO BIANCA!!!

  10. The reborn Bianca looks as fit as Nero’s fiddle and twice as dangerous. The pro, Simona, will have her hands full tomorrow. I’m not predicting which Romanian will be the victor, I just hope it’s the Canadian one. I’ve waited patiently for Bianca to come back and show her stuff again. No new injuries and I knew she would. Kudos Bianca.

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