36 thoughts on “Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha New Recruits | Kitchen, Romano & LeBlanc

  1. You gotta do a video on Justin Copper and Nick Romano on how they came up while living in NYC. Theres a few other fast kids coming through the ranks from that area as well

  2. It’s crazy I watched Levi come up from 60’s and he always seemed “good” but I never thought he would be winning nationals. He didn’t have that stand out speed you see when you watch some of these other kids come up. Regardless he’s doing it now and that’s all that matters.

  3. Man this video is great big fan of Levi definitely a big future for this kid. I actually have one of his amateur 147 side plates hanging in Moto man cave hopefully get it autographed one of these days

  4. Levi has what you can’t teach, raw speed and he is confident. He knows he can run with the best in the class. Bright future for this kid.

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