45 thoughts on “Top 10 Teams in The Premiership Americans Should Root For! (Part 1)

  1. This should not be allowed at all, Americans already have a major league, it is literally called major league soccer. There is no need for you to support a team in a different country when you already have a major league.

  2. I support Chelsea because I was born in London xD it's my local team sooooooooooo… also I like the colour blue. It was really a no brainier for me.

  3. Deandre Yedling is not going to be the top right back for the future.I dont know how on earth sign him for,he willbe released very soon mark my words lol

  4. 1) Leicester city 🦊
    2) wolves 🐺
    3)Wigan athletic 🌳
    4) Aston Villa 🔵🔴
    5) Chelsea 🔵
    6)west brom 🐦
    7)Liverpool 🔴
    8) arsenal 🛡
    9)Newcastle united 🐴
    10)derby county 🐑

  5. Leicester City is the top team to support if you're a foreigner. Such a fairy tale story that I will tell my children about. Coming from an Arsenal fan btw.

  6. Leeds United should be on this list. Although they are not in the premiership they used to, and are in the championship currently and are close to promotion. They have a massive fan base in the uk and in the us.

  7. I take a two pronged approach. I picked a plucky underdog team when I went to London in college (West Ham – COYI) and picked a champs league caliber team to support in European competitions (Man Utd – my baby takes the morning train). If you want an American friendly team, honorable mention should go to Fulham. Best hammers moment for me was watching Vaz Te score to gain promotion!

  8. people who don't know me would call me a ban wagon but I liked the seahawks since 2007 and ive liked Liverpool since I started watching soccer and I'm from Illinois plus loved how you put the poll that the patriots are cheaters totally agree coltz got screwed

  9. I always thought one should just follow the team with the best fan base and one that can aspire to greater things. It's boring to follow teams who win or expect to win everything every year, especially when you can't go to the games as an american. Anyways, Spurs was my team. Love how combative Arsenal fans can be about it though. <3

  10. Wow, you gave all the teams such an inspiring introduction. Too bad I am in love with Manchester United for 13 years now. (Not American though, but still far from England) Waiting for part two. 🙂

  11. How u could say that about Chelsea is not rite. It's Man UTD who u should be at 10 they were the ones who always won. Chelsea don't always win but when they do the Fans are much more enthusiastic than Man UTD. Chelsea should be higher in your list.

    You are still my favourite YouTuber

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