18 thoughts on “Tennis World GUTTED After Emma Raducanu Drama..

  1. Every player gets injured, especially in their first couple of years of playing. It happened to Swiatek, for goodness’s sake, and look at all the female players that had to pull out of Wimbledon due to injury? There is too much attention on Emma, because it gets views….

  2. RICHARD WILLIAMS showed how to create CHAMPIONS IN Venus and Serena. A lot of these new age athletes are now so WEAK and FRAGILE…… Mentally weak and unprepared for the harsh realities of sporting battles!

  3. This Timmy guy what did he ever archive did he win Wimbledon No, Australia No, French No, US No just another Bojob impersonator of what's wrong with England

  4. World is gutted you better do your strings again buddy, no one cares about this Slavic, Canadian, Chinese player who suddenly decides she is British are we so cheap to hand out passports!!!

  5. Big mistake for Emma is discontinuing her tennis team of head coach, fitness and support staff after her winning the U.S. Open single title. Raducanu has never recover her form and winning style afterwards. Now she is always injured into a set or two in 1st or 2nd round matches of a tournament if their is no bye . She is only 19 too!😱

  6. Beautiful young lady thrown into a sudden world of glitz, glamour and fame – too hard for anyone to adjust to. Give her time and hopefully she will come back to earth and be better for it.

  7. One thing for sure is we all need to give emma space and to say she is finished is ridiculous at this early age.I think we all need to get behind her and to follow up on her us-open history making fairytale win was never going to be easy.Emma is supremely talented and this was her first tour year and included playing on clay where she has had little experience on the surface and along with getting covid and missing her pre- season training and picking up injury niggles it has been a tough first tour year for her.I am sure emma will get stronger and more robust in time and the media and beyond need to stop being critical of her and show more positivity because we want emma to healthy and fit and not mentally affected by all this negative attention that this country always seems to put on it's young talented athletes.

  8. Emma needs a full time physical trainer in addition to a full time coach, and a full time parent to help her recruit good people around her and travel with her. She's still really young.

  9. Sad.Hope she makes a quick recovery and injury was the real reason. Otherwise she needs help ++. She wouldn’t be the first.

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