45 thoughts on “Hill Climb Racing 2 – How To Get 40 000 (Woodn't You Like To Know?)

  1. I hope the tips help you and that you can make a cool result!
    Надеюсь, что вам помогут подсказки и вы сможете сделать крутой результат!

  2. Вроде все делаю как вы в 4 этапе, а выходит 7-8к только ( все детали макс… Вообще не пойму в чем дело

  3. Estou usando a sequência em que o hot na primeira e o Lou Raider na segunda, estou na primeira de 8 a 10k na segunda média de 7k, a terceira quase sempre 6 e do salto não estou acertando para aumentar

  4. Great video as always. Thank you 🙂 And congratulations for the 40k.
    Why is 'stay on the ground' not always stay on the ground? I've never figured why sometimes you can be obviously off the ground for what seems like ages (see the start of your Hotrod run here) but then you have to go super careful from then on.

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