43 thoughts on “FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. Smith sends a warn to Warriors after John Wall set to join LA Clippers

  1. LMAO, wow I thought Steven A knew basketball. Long as GSW stay healthy they have nothing to worry about. The NBA belongs to the Warriors right now.

  2. Memphis should be more worried about Dallas, Minnesota, New Orleans, and Phoenix next season. They are not in the same class as the Warriors.

  3. Stephen A. Smith thinks LA Clippers is going to be an impact against the Warriors for adding John Wall. I don't think so!!!
    John Wall is not an answer for the Clippers, lets get Perkins out of retirement maybe he can be an impact.

  4. They laughed at the Lakers trading for this man and now he is the savior for the Clippers. The Lakers will be better than they were this year, because they will have more time to gel

  5. Look folks , what is up with this John Wall worship ? This guy has been a Check Chasing , Overpayed , Over Rated , Gutless , Heartless , Lazy , Mr Invisible , Street Clothes , Injury Prone Tin Man Player No team wanted for the last 5 years . He cleared Waivers . Even the pathetic Lakers didn't want to trade that Head Case Westbrick straight up for him . Now all of the sudden John Wall is a world beater with the Clippers ? Much Ado About Nothing .

    The Warriors Grizz Suns Mavs Nuggets T Wolves Celtics Heat Bucks 76ers Bulls aren't sweating the Clippers Next Season if they have John Wall or Not . 🤔🙄🙈🙉🙊💫🌟✨💥🔥👁👀😜

  6. The Clippers are still trash and will never win shit what have they won Steph & Klay and Poole and Wiggins stop it nobody seeing them.

  7. Here we go even if healthy, they ain’t doing shit. There’s only one ball and they are not team oriented.

  8. Fool u crazy J Walk gonna do the same thing he always does stay hurt! Pg is a step outta the shower from a pulled hamstring an I haven't even got to K Len. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. Blablablabla….all said..nuggets , grizz a, mavs and ticks were gonna take out gsw..and now this again….
    You guys sound like a old nagging b!tch

  10. I still stand by the opinion the Celtics can't beat a healthy bucks team and hopefully next year we can get a gsw vs Milwaukee finals to see if old school big man basketball actually still has a place in the league

  11. Everyone is chasing the Warriors, not just the West, but the East too…As long as Steph is viable, money is on the GSW.

  12. The media is so fickle. Just last yr they were done forever now they win a championship they're Thanos/Unbeatable. They are beatable, not like they dominated teams in the playoffs like in previous yrs

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