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  1. have two ideas for Scottish football. Here they are. .

    Put reserve teams in the Lowland and Highland League or Third Division
     think a good way of developing young players for the Scotland international team would be to allow Scottish sides to stick reserve sides in the Lowland and Highland leagues.
    The reserve leagues fail to produce good players because they are just games of inexperienced players playing inexperienced players in games that no one cares about and barely even get reported in the paper. How is that supposed to nurture young players for the pressure, cut and thrust of competitive football?
    In Spain, Germany and France the big sides play reserve sides against real first team sides in the lower divisions. So you get Barcelona B and Real Madrid's reserve team playing in the segunda division.
    Xavi and Iniesta both started playing for the Barcelona B side.
    The Scottish league used to do this too, with the old division C where the reserve teams of Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers played first team sides like Montrose and Berwick Rangers.
    Some people will say it would make the Scottish league a joke, but that is ridiculous. They do it in France, Spain and Germany and their leagues are amongst the best and most respected in the world.
    In reality some people think that if they don't do it in England then it is wrong, even if we did it in the past. That is a pathetic reason not to do something.
    Some would argue the Highland League and Lowland League are not a high enough standard to produce good players but they forget Kenny Dalglish started with a year on loan at East Kilbride, and that Willie Miller and other Scottish football legends started off in the Highland league.
    Some will argue that this idea shows disrespect to the non league system, but that is not true. It shows a total respect for non league football to say our young players should start off in the Lowland and Highland leagues.
    Some will say this could lead to Celtic and Rangers getting reserve teams in the Scottish premier, but that is a straw man argument.
    No one is arguing for the Old Firm to have two sides each in the premier. It does not happen in Spain, France or Germany so why would it happen in Scotland?
    The biggest problem in Scottish football is the top teams wasting top young players.
    We need as many players with potential as possible getting competitive football experience.
    In the old days when a team had the best young Scottish player in a position, they would play him. Nowadays they can go out and buy the finished article from overseas. This is a disaster for Scottish football but it is a fact of life and we need to find a solution to this problem, so every young Scottish players gets competitive football experience.
    Some people don't care about the quality of players being produced by Scottish teams. They only care about their own club side.
    Well let me lay my cards on the table.
    1. I do care about how good the Scottish national side is.
    2. I want every Scottish side to do well in Europe including both old firm sides.
    3. I would honestly rather Scottish football be a high standard than have a rubbish league where my own team do better.
    Some will aruge this is a bad idea because it will help the Old Firm develop good Sciottish players and that would help them dominate the leagues. So in other words they would rather cut off their own nose to spite their face. They would rather good Scottish players rot away with their potential down the bin to spite the Old Firm, even though in reality the old firm would simply go out and buy a ready made replacement from another country and the only people would suffer would be the Scottish fans who want good Scottish players to be produced.
    I support Aberdeen but I would rather the old firm win the Scottish league for 100 years than have a rubbish league which is competitive.
    In reality allowing every club to have second side playing in the non league system, would enable them to build a young side that would challenge the Old Firm. It is the present system that leads to Old Firm dominance.
    But as I said I want Scotland to get the most out of all it's best players. Lets copy the Germans, French and Spanish.
    Imagine a Celtic B and Rangers B game getting 10,000 crowds in the Lowland league. That would increase respect and publicity for the Lowland League.
    Support my idea for Scottish football please.
    Bring back the Anglo – Scottish Cup

    We need to bring back the Anglo – Scottish Cup , only this time between all Scottish Premier and English Championship sides.
    My idea would be a group stage format. With every team in the Scottish Premier and English Championship who have qualified for European trophies being given a bye to the knockout stages of the Anglo Scottish Cup.
    The group stage games would be played at the same time as the qualifying rounds for the Champions League and Europa League. So this would be during the OK weather periods of the year.
    Imagine games like Glasgow Celtic V Leeds United, Aberdeen V Nottingham Forest and Glasgow Rangers V Bolton.
    If Bala Town, of the Welsh League, can travel to Latvia and Celtic can travel to Kazakhstan, then surely Yeovil can travel to Dingwall to play Ross County.
    I have travelled to Spain, Italy and Greece. It is not difficult in this day and age to travel up and down Britain. They have a British and Irish cup in rugby so why can't an Anglo Scottish cup be done with the much richer sport of soccer.
    The Scottish – English derby is one of the most passionate in World football, so let's exploit this for club soccer.
    It would be like European football for the smaller teams.
    The advantage of sticking teams who have qualified for Europe in the knockout stages is that it would ensure some good Scottish teams would qualify for the knockout stages.
    The old Anglo Scottish cup failed becuase the best Scottish sides did no participate and the Scottish V Scottish games got poorer crowds. This can be solved by two solutions
    1) The best Scottish sides who have already qualified for Europe are placed in the knockout stagesof the Anglo Scottish cup.
    2) The draw is fixed so Scottish clubs do not play Scottish sides in thr early rounds.
    My idea is that the final would be played in turn at the Millenium Stadium, Hampden and Wembley.
    I realise that like the league cup early rounds would see teams using second choice sides and we would see low attendances, but this would be good development practice for the younger players, as Man Utd and Arsenal do in the league cup. And as the cup went on to the later rounds, the teams would bring out their first choice players and attendances would get bigger.
    To improve attendances I would include the group stage games as part of the season tickets sales.
    Even the English trophy between league one and league two sides gets good crowds in the final so surely Celtic v Bolton would get a good crowd.
    Some English people might say well what about crowd trouble and they would point to the famous Rangers apperance in the UEFA cup final in Manchester a few years ago. But crowd trouble could be avoided with common sense travel, police and game time precautions, as is done with Man Utd v Liverpool and Celtic V Rangers games.
    The Rangers crowd trouble was caused because Rangers fans were given free transport to Manchester and 100,000 Rangers fans mostly without tickets travelled down for a late kick off game. Ofcourse that was recipe for disaster, as it would be for a Man Utd V Liverpool game. But nobody says lets ban Man Utd V Liverpool games. This situation could be avoided by discouaging non ticket holders to travel to games and by not providing free transport. The final and semi final games could be played at 3 in the weekend so their would less time for fans to get drunk.
    I would love to see Scottish and English sides play eachother in a competitive trophy. It would reinvigorate Scottish soccer and be fun for English clubs who never play outside England. thanks

  2. Celtic has huge attendance locally, plenty of supporters internationally… You give them access to EPL-level sponsorship and media deals, and they'll be an elite team.

  3. Hahahahah all your players, you really are deluded. You think that becausae your team managed a win against Barcelona who had a new manager & managed to cheat their way to a winning penalty that sent them to the knock-out stages, your team is godly. The only players wanted within Celtic are Hooper and Wanyama. As for the other artcle I saw saying Lennon was one of the most wanted managers. thats even funnier

  4. I think this is about right, i think celtic would beat like west brom and swansea and possibly get a result against everton or spurs. I would have guessed 6th or 7th.

  5. I think they could walk into the top 6 in the pre for real life from their impressive showings in champions league, and felt really bad for them against juventus

  6. Could you upload some of the databases you do experiments on please I would really like to do long term saves and if the rest are this good I would be interested in trying them. Thanks

  7. Nice one,
    Why not try top teams from all in one league. Like barca madrid, bayern dortmund etc etc all in the PL along with united arsenal etc

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