49 thoughts on “Alcaraz vs. Tiafoe ● Hurlingham 2022 (Highlights)

  1. No, its simple
    In this moment, tiafoe its better then alcaraz on grass. Rest ist only emty words( only 2 machs in last time for alcaraz , and bla bla)

  2. Alcaraz terrible moving on grass…. pone to injury if he continues. Also, this matches shows he needs to work on his servs

  3. What has happened to Alcaraz? His accuracy is way off. I'm just guessing, but maybe he's come of age where he can't control himself from spending too much time at night with girls.

  4. Tiafoe looks very good against the #1 rising star. Could he carry that momentum to the Wimbledon? Wish him many victories in this grass season.

  5. This boy may end up nothing if not well taken care of. He looks abit arrogant to me compare to Rafa. He hasn't proven anything yet. He is only good on clay unlike Rafa. This boy needs to get level headed and work harder.

  6. Carlos is a terrific young player with colossal talent. But he gets caught out of position trying to run around his forehand too often, which tells me he doesn't have enough confidence in his backhand. Improving his backhand and his court positioning not playing too far behind the baseline are the only 2 weaknesses I see in his game. Here Tiafoe stood constantly right on top of the baseline, playing grass court style tennis. While Alcaraz consistently stood 3 ft behind the baseline, playing clay court style tennis.

  7. Seems from his movement and shotselection that Carlos needs a few years to learn how to play on grass. He will get there.

  8. djokers first 2 wimbledon appearances :
    3 and 4th round .
    nadal first 2 wimbledon appearances :
    3 and 2nd round .
    nole made his debut in wimbledon 05 and won his first 2011 .. and now hes unstoppable on grass so let the kid grow hes not an overhyped kid hes the real deal and will also be succesful on grass in the future !

  9. It took me a little while to get used to this very different camera work and angles from we usually see, but I really like it; it feels very personal. And as an old-timer, I like that they are wearing white only 🙂

  10. I think Alcaraz actually has the tools to be excellent on grass, with a fantastic dropshot and booming groundstrokes, but he needs time to truly learn the surface. He will likely play better than this next week, but it will probably take a few years for him to play at a championship level on grass. Nothing wrong with that either. When he does reach a high level on grass though, he will be a nightmare to face for a long time. Tiafoe was also playing incredibly well and forcing Alcaraz to play more defensively instead of his typical offensive approach.

  11. Carlitos obviously still a work in progress on grass but well done by Tiafoe. Very classy at the end from both gentlemen.

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