19 thoughts on “Xander Schauffele’s winning highlights from Travelers | 2022

  1. pga is fullofshit.
    they make great players work so hard for little money.
    they refused to share the wealth with the players and too arrogant to accept LIV.
    instead they politicize it.
    pga is like the compact disc that refused to accept change.
    im glad LIV is giving great players more $$$ to be better players and create their own legacy.
    memo to pga : #abcdefu

  2. I think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income. Unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security rather having different investment in the real deal

  3. Was at the event, honestly from someone who just got into golf and has only been to two events, it’s better to watch then go. It’s cool to see the players and all, but it’s impossible to get a good view there, too many people, weather, costs associated, all things included it is just a logistical nightmare.

  4. The PGA absolutely doesn't air LIVE! I find it insulting when they know what's going to happen when they go to a player that isn't the featured pairing 🤬 and you know that it's a spectacular shot! By the way I remember watching when everyone was covered. But we are forced to watch the network steer the viewers to make the commentators look good, if I were them I would be embarrassed

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