17 thoughts on “Golfers Who Know This are Good at Golf

  1. Watching you practice this sequence gives me the impression you do not get your weight onto the lead foot until you come into impact very late in the downswing. For me it is way too late. Otherwise the drill as shown is great for sequencing body motions in a golf swing.

  2. The lead-in graphic showed a pair of golf balls with bullseyes on them. The video was about a stick. Now I’m really confused.

  3. Been watching your instructions since lock down please do your next video on the progress of your wife let's see how she has got on in two years.

  4. Yesterday my friend took first lesson of golf, I was on the range to encourage him.
    As a beginner golfer who learned what is this swing all about I was thinking how to explain it.
    And I came up with an idea.
    Forget the club. Just forget it. Rotate your body, use your wrists like using a hammer, swing your arms, straight as you can and try to move your hands through the position you had when you were addressing the ball.

    Thats it.
    You would be amazed how he rocked. After 100 balls shot he hits 7 iron over 130m again and again. He really looked like a player 2-3 years experience.

  5. That’s all it is Mr H. On the backswing the grip points down to target line then downswing the club head points back down to target line. Ain’t rocket science.

  6. Hi Russell. Can you please do a video on release?
    Ive seen some conflicting videos on body turn release vs arms gross over release.
    Thanks for great videos.

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