48 thoughts on “Daniil Medvedev vs Hubert Hurkacz | Halle 2022 Final Highlights

  1. Medvedev a classic hardcourt player, other surface he is unable to play, a tennis history unicum that such a Player is number one 馃馃憤

  2. 馃挐馃拵馃拰馃敟鉂ゐ煣○煉涴煉氿煉欚煉滒煉栶煉擆煉燄煉濔煄侌煣○煉氿煉滒煉擆煉嶐煉庰煂庰煍 B贸g pokaza艂 swoj膮 mi艂o艣膰 do nas, wysy艂aj膮c swego Syna, Jezusa Chrystusa, kt贸ry umar艂 i zmartwychwsta艂, aby da膰 nam 偶ycie wieczne.

    Obieca艂 r贸wnie偶, aby uzdrowi膰 swoje cia艂o. Je艣li wyznajesz ustami Pana Jezusa i wierzysz w swoim sercu, 偶e B贸g wskrzesi艂 Go z martwych da ci 偶ycie wieczne

    (sp贸jrz w niebo i zapytaj go)

  3. I Like medvedev, but how he treats his coach: …his coach is his employee, he should suit medv for bullying him

  4. Dear Hubert: I've finally recovered enough from a long, hard Sunday to watch these highlights. You were absolutely phenomenal. As for Daniil? Um. . .At the net, he took a page out of the chess playbook. In chess matches, the vanquished opponent offers their hand first in concession. That's how great you were. – Sincerely, a Medvedev fan

  5. Medvedev is just a hard court player man.. does he really deserve to be world number 01?
    Hubi on the other hand has proved to be good on all surfaces.. last year he even reached Wimbeldon SF after defeating RF..
    It has been ages since Novak was defeated on hard and grass by Nadal and RF his strongest surfaces.. where as he has beaten them on their fav surfaces not long ago..

    There is no player who has been tortured more than Novak this year..

  6. What a fine physical specimen, Hubert it. And for a big man he moves fantastically. And, clearly a nice guy! Though he isn't crass enough to make a point to Daniil – who clearly supports Russian aggression but with whom Hubi may have some sort of friendly relations – this victory of a Pole over a Russ won't be lost on lots of Polish people back home where support for Ukraine is very high.

  7. This is without any doubt the worst match Medvedev ever played…all players have their worst matches. Hubi has no chance on Wimbledon at all.

  8. Pity the coach for being trying to save his losing match. He did the honorable thing by just calmly walking out. Now I pity the gf. Once become wife sure she will get more of his wrath at home. If I were her I will just leave him while I can. This guy is like a ticking time bomb. Won't be surprised at all if one day we read news he has just killed someone. His temper is just uncontrollable anymore. Hope the gf is not looking for fame and fortune to be with him. She is pretty and am sure can get a better guy than this lunatic.

  9. Shame on this generation of tennis players and their tantrums. On the one hand you have Tsitsipas hitting their own father with the racket and now you have Medvedev snarling at their coach just because it is not their day. Coaches are not only teachers but their blessings will enable you to go further in the game.
    Shame on you Medvedev…you may be world no. 1, but you have the temperament of a loser, a very sore one at that.

    Edit: This generation also has some gems such as Auger Alliasime and Carlos Alcaraz. 馃槏 Their humility gives me hope.

  10. how is it that everybody getting a better chunk of world number one 馃槅 embarassing nadal won AO & RG that's the real top seed馃槈

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