32 thoughts on “Belt Parkway reopens after drivers suspected of racing crashed

  1. I put money that like an idiot the people who got hit breaked hard af in front of the speeding cars like a typical nyc npc driving

  2. And what completely compounds the issue is that they completely shut down the roadway for hours. Are they waiting for the NTSB to come in from D.C. and investigate or something? They should have drones by now that go up 50 or so feet and completely catalog the entire accident scene with high resolution video and photographs. They should be able to drag these wrecks off of the roadway and open things up in less than an hour.

  3. These guys be racing every friday night there be 20-30 cars they meet off rockaway sometimes cops show up and they scatter but its annoying blocking roads while we trying to work I drive trucks🥃

  4. Find these degenerates and throw their rear ends in prison. They had no right to put so many innocent people in jeopardy. They need to be taken off the street.

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