13 thoughts on “Consistent Ball Striking Has Never Been So Easy | Try This!

  1. I bought one few years ago… when you hit it too fast, it burns the Fibers, and it doesn’t work well anymore… I hope the product was better now….

  2. I can stand in my lead foot only and still 4-10 inches behind the ball. I think I must be flipping. I took lessons but they wanted me to swing from the inside which caused me to hit further behind the ball. If I work on weight forward then I get so steep I just stab the ground and pop fly my driver

  3. This is GREAT!
    I can’t wait to try this with my divot board.

    I was told I need to “clear my hips”, such that my left back pocket is visible from behind the ball at impact.
    I struggle to do that and NOT come over the top.

    I always think my SHOULDERS are open at impact, but I suspect I have been trying TOO hard to clear my hips, and my hips are my problem.

    p.s. I also COME OUT OF MY POSTURE 🙄
    … but that’s I need to work on next

    Thanks, Clay 🙏🏻
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Keeping weight on left side isnt this just stack and tilt system .. thats probably the best most effective golf swing style ive ever seen instead of moving into right side then back over to left just stay on the left the whole time its so so so simple 🤷‍♂️

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