34 thoughts on “Football Manager Experiments: English Premiership swapped with Blue Square Premier Part 2

  1. I'm watching in 2016 funny looking at him saying Leicester getting relegated and being surprised after they won the league

  2. We all think United are fucked because of Moyes in real life. This is proof that no matter what, United will not die. Put us in the Blue Square Bet Premier and 10 years later we will be European champions!!

  3. You should put a rule on the premier league only allowing a certain amount of foreigners and see how the league changes as well as the england team

  4. I did this, when I got to 2030/31, Luton finished 20th in the BPL, then 6th and just promoted in the Championship, and the 1st the next season! :/

  5. Definitely your best experiment so far, not getting bored at all and would love to see you continue for another few episodes

  6. Put a bunch of promising players(Deulofeu, Will Hughes, Butland etc) in a league 2 team and see how they do. See if they can go up to the Prem.

  7. when I simmed the game myself using this save file, by the end of the 2023/2024 season Wigan got relegated from the BSP, they never made it out haha

  8. So it's like eight seasons until an ex-Premier team finds trouble staying up in Premier and for someone to miss a consecutive promotion. And ten is not enough to see an exPremier relegated from BSP, but seven to see one of them become a mid BSP team.

  9. What's the RAM and processor speed? Surely that's the big difference with mine? (Like eight hours, then again you have loaded five divisions and when I do that I have twenty four).

  10. Its interesting how the prem sides gradually go back into the prem but the bsp sides get relegated a couple of times then stabilise in the prem, championship or league 1.

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