32 thoughts on “🇦🇷 ARG vs. 🇯🇵 JPN – Highlights Week 2 | Men's VNL 2022

  1. This game reminds me of haikyuu final chapter Japan vs Argentina and nishida is almost like ushiwaka and Takahashi is almost like Hinata and Argentina setter is almost like oikawa it's having me Deja Vu cool 😎

  2. I actually went to watch the last two games of japan here in Manila and Its my first time seeing such an excellent, high quality volleyball game live. Literally blew my mind and here I am binge watching their games with other countries, team jpn impressed me so much, their techniques really what you call world class… I will not forget the amount of thrill I felt during those 2 days, see you again next year

  3. In pH, stuff like these aren't really aired in tv, yet most people still watch it due to their support for Japan, and I can't blame them since I'm one of them 😆 Japan probably is the team that has the most well-balanced team, and Nishida is just a monster. WP Japan, and Also Argentina!!! y'all did a good job in the 1st set~

  4. We may not be one of the best teams in volleyball but our country, the Philippines, is one of the best crowd and one of the best fans of volleyball in the world!!!! We love team Japan both men and women. We also support thailand and some of the chinese players. Just imagine the crowd cheering for Japan!!!

  5. フィリピンの皆さん。

  6. I hope Team Japan will be given a time to visit some tourist spots here in Manila like the beautiful and historic San Sebastian Church and Manila Cathedral they are one of the most beautiful Gothic and Romanesque Churches in the Philippines tho…

  7. Seems. like Japan team has a huge fan base in the Philippines, the crowd is cheering loud for them., Yes they're not the tallest team but they play.amazing.and superb volleyball.

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