31 thoughts on “We Found the BEST Mini Golf Course in the Chain!

  1. Catching up on this today because I was out celebrating my birthday when it was posted, thank you for a great video, the perfect birthday gift! It's always extra-nice when you're both obviously having a lot of fun. Hope Elisha's pinky recovered 😛

  2. OH NOOOOOOOO! The pain, the pain! It is unbearable, it is to much, i am totaly overwhelmed! And then? And then?

    She strikes like a tiger, like a lurking crocodile, like a lioness on the prowl.She takes home the win:):):):):):) Very good acting.:):):)
    Nice course!

  3. y'all seemed so chill this episode idk if you intended to do anything different but the videos that don't seem rushed showing your real personalities is great

  4. Elisha been missing some gimmee's here and there. Not saying I don't have faith , just sayin' …
    Elisha +300 / Brooks -550 Teaser : over/under 3 hole-in-ones

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