33 thoughts on “We Dream Of Deals Like This!

  1. Jon / Ashley: I think you have a scammer trying to be you with a copycat fake account. I just reported the fake channel with no vids. 👋

  2. When that Bowie song kicked in and you started following the guy for the bags, the whole video turned cinematic for a moment like a Fincher or a Scorsese walkthrough scene. Love it guys. Keep them coming. [from Ireland]

  3. My son just turned 16 and is starting to play golf. He is 6'8" and I've been trying to piece together him a set of clubs with the longer shafts. I found a set with 1" extensions, but they really aren't long enough and I am struggling to find him a putter. Let me know if you come across something that might fit him.

  4. I absolutely love that putter. Been looking for that deal for awhile. You 2 have the best of luck. Love it! And if you feel generous, hook me up with that putter

  5. It is hard to tell how many peoples interests you have renewed in golf that have been away from the game. It is also hard to tell how many people you have gotten into the game by showing it doesnt have to cost a fortune. Golf channel should have you guys on. Love your channel.

  6. My wife and I are coming over to melbourne beach in September . Hope we maybe bump into you both . We are subscribers from Scotland.

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