34 thoughts on “London Irish v Saracens – HIGHLIGHTS | High Scoring Thrilling Derby! | Premiership 2021/22

  1. How Vincent Koch was offside I do not know. The reason why the offside line moved was that an irish player shoulder charged a saracens player from the ruck!!

  2. Why don't they go full on and incorporate basketball rules, that you can't impede an attacking player unless you get it 'perfect'. It will result in high scoring games but no Northern Hemisphere team will ever win a world cup again: we're hard pushed as it is… England 4 finals (1 win), France 1 final (0 wins).
    Good win for the Irish…
    Btw, look at the Ireland/Italy game for an advert for necessary rule changes, or the TV audience will fall.

  3. London Irish are very competitive when their star players are fit. Side note, Agustin Creevy is invaluable to this side. It's hard to believe that he's turning 38 this year! Phenomenal season thus far

  4. Never a red card for Coleman in my opinion. Saracens player ran into him giving him little time to drop or try to make a tackle. The way these laws are being interpretated by some of these refs is ridiculous and spoiling the game.

  5. Paddy Jackson deserves his IRFU contract back. He wasn't charged so should be eligible to play. And he looks a set successor to Sexton and would give some competition to Carbery

  6. Saracens constant gamesmanship is getting ridiculous. The endless complaining to the referee and the over celebrations for penalties in particular is just beyond childish and needs to stop.

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