22 thoughts on “Bristol Bears v Harlequins – HIGHLIGHTS | Thrilling And Ruthless Semi-Final | Gallagher Premiership

  1. What a game of two arves. I thought it was going to be a cricket score for the Bears. Both teams have provided some magnificent entertainment this year. Corking season!

  2. Didn't get round to watching until last night – series link recording meant it didn't add an extra hour so got to about 10 minutes in extra time and it stopped ! What a game of rugby and the old saying ' It's not over till it's over ' rings true.

  3. What a fucking game! But what the fuck was that tackle at the end??? Have they recently u turned on the rules?? I though a tackle above the shoulders was a high tackle? But now it's just if you contact the head. His shoulder lands squarely into his neck if not just on his chin? Haven't refs been penalising tackles on the upper chest even recently

  4. omg what a turn around, now that's what us fans have been missing, nearly 80 points won to, let's hope both teams are well rested for the final

  5. That tackle at the end, happy as with the ruling, play on etc, I just hope if that was a radradra or a SBW sort of player the same ruling stands.

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