31 thoughts on “Fritz Plays De Minaur; Cressy Faces Draper | Eastbourne 2022 Semi-Final Highlights

  1. Cressy has lost more matches than he's won this year but on grass he's something totally different. The serve and volley game still is effective on grass. Cressy is not bad from the back of the court either. His style is similar to that of Ivo Karlovic except that his serve is not as big but he's better on defense.

  2. Alex de minaur doesn't know to attack that's why he will lose more matches.. When he will start more aggressive he will win more.. But now road is losers camp..

  3. Fritz reminds me Kyrgios on some forehands, flat strokes and close to the body. So refreshing to see matches on clay and grass! At last some different games rather than baselines weapons from hard court the rest of the year.

  4. De Minaur needs to hit harder. Otherwise he'll only ever be a Top 30 player. He has the legs and the mental strength but his shots are far too weak currently.

  5. Much more effort to play serve volley. And makes baselines look good when they pass. But as a spectator sport Cressy wins every time. Congratulations and best of luck.

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