35 thoughts on “Girl with Crazy Biker Racing | SQUID | लड़की को बेठा के ऐसा करना क्या सही है?

  1. Ye zeher rider jese log dusro k liye musibat jate sometime, bcz jese ye car k aage se cut maar ra tha, that was very risky…bhut jada injury ho skti h iss chiz se, or car vale pr alg musibat so plzz yr aise mt karo sbka dhayan rakho

  2. when you people say that's a squid , what's the difference between you and that duke rider
    According to the riding pattern in some areas of the video you too is a squid bro. watch again..

  3. तुम्हें हरा दिया। मैं तो किसी को आगे निकलने नहीं देता।

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