23 thoughts on “Gloucester v Northampton – HIGHLIGHTS | Pulsating Kingsholm Thriller | Gallagher Premiership 2021/22

  1. Gloucester really need a reliable stand off Hastings is like a rabbit caught in the headlights easy to see why Scotland discarded him never international class

  2. As a Saints fan i keep wondering if there is every going to be a time where we will actually win a game…
    Shame because we play some great stuff ☹️
    Really feel like fitness is a problem in this side we seem to make a great start and throw it away at the end

  3. At this game, as a Northampton fan from Northampton, I was absolutely appalled by the officiating of Ian Tempest. I don’t care that I’ve travelled a long way to see my team lose, but it was a cracking match of rugby. Multiple forward passes and knock ons from saints in the first half not called, taking the man out once, potentially twice, Ribbans blatantly collapsing the maul and Mitchel taking way to long to use the ball. Absolutely ridiculous the RFU are still paying people like him, because in any other job you would be sacked. I’m completely with the booing from Gloucester because the bellend in blue deserved. On a positive, cracking atmosphere from the Gloucester fans

  4. If rugby lasted 60 minutes probably the Saints would be in the Top 4. Incredible way to waste points leads in the last 20 minutes. Collins try was a piece of art.

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