37 thoughts on “Justin Thomas Is Disappointed After MORE Big Names Join LIV Golf..

  1. Blood money plain and simple. Norman is a bitter angry man who has an ax to grind towards the PGA for some percieved slight. The players who have switched have ruined their careers and sullied ther own reputations. Good riddance to bad trash. Just ask Chris Everett what kind of guy Norman really is.

  2. Don’t hate the players. Hate the game !

    Capitalism – the cemetery for class, honour, tradition, integrity, and honesty.

  3. Rory and JT just need to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves. Let this play out, and be done with it. As for Tiger, we ready to talk about his drug abuse yet?? He has had multiple accidents because of it!!

  4. Won't spend a second watching it. Love watching golf and playing golf, though! Just my personal opinion. ⛳️🇺🇸🇺🇸🏌‍♂️

  5. What about the weapons America sell to the Saudis and the oil America buys , stop doing that and I might agree with all the points made in this video

  6. The people in charge of the PGA do nothing. They get bloated contracts, pat themselves on the back for a job where they just have to make sure they don't eff up. Now when confronted with a situation, a problem, where they must take action, where they finally have to make a decision about something important, they do the complete wrong thing, the absolute worst thing they could do in this situation and they ban LIV players from PGA events. They are losing more and more talent every day. These idiots think people will stick with the PGA why? For tradition? Golfers play for money, the most money they can, the biggest tournaments, fans will watch their favorite players play, they want to watch the best players compete. We aren't fans of the PGA. We are fans of golf.

  7. All of a sudden golfers are required to make sure that the money they receive is not tainted. Nike is an anti America brand but pays these same players money to wear their clothes and most of their money comes from China. Bottom line is that if they are good enough to play on the pga tour then they should be able to play.

  8. The US players should renounce their citizenship too. Talk about a sellout. I bet they'd jump at the chance to play in a North Korean league if they paid more money.

  9. If it's not about the money then why dont all these players in the PGA decline the raise that the PGA just announced.
    Wouldn't have gotten it without the players going to the LIV circuit.

  10. Players are free to do as they please. Not the business of the PGA tour. PGA destroying itself by banning players. Who cares if they play in both Liv and PGA.

  11. My husband is going to follow the LIV Tour he said. We are buying oil from the Saudi government and there are US companies that deal with the Saudis so where is the problem. The Golf Channel needs to report on Golf and quit broadcasting how bad the LIV Tour is and the players 5 hours out of the 6 they broadcast. It is headed for a legal battle about the PGA Tour banning players from the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup along with the majors.

  12. Not a golfer and don’t watch golf. I do believe in a free economy and earning as much money as possible. If the LIV Tour pays more to its participants than the PGA tour that’s just the free market in action. I don’t think that by taking the LIV money these golfers are signing on to the political beliefs of the Saudi sponsors. That’s virtue signaling from the PGA. The PGA decided to expel any members who went with LIV Golf rather than compete. They think they have a monopoly. Perhaps in the US they do but it doesn’t appear that the LIV golfers care. They will take apply their talents elsewhere.

  13. We are loosing and out sourcing are entire country…it's a shame we can't all come together and keep this country great right down to the golf game…sad times….and anyone that compares the USA to Saudi needs help

  14. It is a free country – they can play golf wherever they want. The PGA is just greedy. And besides, if the good players leave, then maybe Thomas and the other whiners will be able to win on the PGA tour.

  15. To be honest I'm sick and tired of hearing about how LIV Golf is ruining the game, Pecker heads like Rory McIlroy, Justin (my head is up my arse) Thomas etc. If you are really true to the game of golf like a zillion years ago you would compete to be the lowest scorer on a said golf course over four rounds and hold up a trophy and be happy. That being said it's 2022 and sports has come a long way, people play for the money and that's it, yes of course tradition plays a big part but don't kid yourself, every professional sports person is in it for the dollars, pretty much why back i think in 1969 that the legend himself, Jack Nickaulas and others wanted to be paid more for what they were doing, won't go into a history lesson but it's well known. Many a billionaire in this world have a history, i'm not condoning what the Saudi's have done but these people are all over the world in every country and it's called greed, ruthlessness, money is king and that is a fact. Kerry Packer did the same for cricket many moons ago and look at cricket now, how about instead of thinking you are the king and rule golf like the PGA and DP world Golf are doing, why not work together and make the game interesting and not the boring shit that it has become today, i watched the first tournament of LIV glof and to be honest is was a change and it was a pleasure to watch. I'll probably cop a lot of flak but hey every person has a right to their own opinion. Enjoy life cause it doesn't last forever.

  16. PGA tour is nothing without the players, and they treat their players like numbers on a spreadsheet. No tour player should be harassed for changing tours, it’s their choice to choose. They’re human.

  17. Traitors!
    These golfers are just piling money into trumps 30 year business partner, Muslim Hussain Bin
    Sajwani, from the UAE
    who put up all trump's golf courses around the world, including in the United States.

    Meanwhile trump started the registry of Muslims back in 2016. The most racist move on the planet!

    So, you golfers think you're safe? Losers!

    They are golfing on the soil from where the 9/11 terrorists came from killing over 7,500 American citizens.
    Greedy traitorous SOB'S!

  18. These guys need to put food on the table for their family, so for those who “bitch” about their colleagues seeking greener pastures ~ stop being SOUR GRAPES!!!!!!!

  19. why let them play in the US open if they are barred or resigned from the PGA Tour.. makes a joke of those who stayed loyal

  20. I'm a fan of good golf, I don't care to watch someone who's +24 over par or watching the winning putt on the 15th green over by the shithouse, just not pleasing to me. How hard is a golfer to play if he's +24, but guaranteed a paycheck just to finish? Not very hard., they will just hack their way around the golf course. (no pun intended) PGA Tour has nothing to worry about, the novelty will fade away. I'm just worried when the Saudis no longer have use for these golfers what happens to them, if history is any indication OMG.

  21. The LIV Golf Series is not a series of actual golf tournaments. It is a series of Saudi Government Employees Golf Outings. Instead of winning pro shop chits like most company outings the Saudis will assure that players win cash. And the 'team' element will make the whole thing a laughing stock.

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