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  1. Francie you have done everything in your sport ,not forgetting the crash your an absolutely brilliant sportsman and entertainer go and ride us a hundred to one winner just to show the doubters

  2. Frankie's been a bad rider for well over a decade now, never rides a horse out for a place as soon as a horse comes under pressure and he knows he cant win he never battles properly for a place, he does this ridic hands and heels things with his forearms that doesnt even put his shoulder power in, i cant believe he doesnt get pulled up on it more, i know he's 50 odd and cant ride every horse out fighting to death for 2 furlongs to nick third but that's his problem if he cant so that for of his age he should swallow and retire, which is what he shoulda done about a 10 years ago, i never thought his style or riding prowess was anything special, and ive never thought of him as being in the same class as ryan moore or kieren fallon

  3. Go frankie detori. Still speaks to the commentators and change could be good for him.great jockey still now and allways has been .my moneys on him with right horses he's still one of the best ever πŸ‘

  4. Class interview from Frankie shame Gosden didn't show the same class when interviewed after the race but then Jimmy Fortune got treated like crap by Gosden. Frankie is still brilliant.

  5. Franky you Will always be the maradona of racing world just relax and enjoy you are the best men🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  6. Unfortunately every thing doesn't last forever and we all know that, Frankie has and still will be a top jockey for us racing fans, his presence, and exuberance knocked the stuffiness out of flat racing that has endured the general public since he greeted these shores. John Gosden is a top trainer and a very articulate man who is running a business at the end of the day. I am pretty sure their friendship will never waver despite the split, they have both endured to much together for that .

  7. John gosden shouldn’t have aired his views on frankies ride in the gold cup should have kept that private ! Should have more respect for frankie who has been great for the world of horse racing and for gosden.

  8. "vows to ride on" – this saga, whilst seeming unsavoury is a no win all round.Both parties ( and connotations ) appear equally both right and wrong against the other.It could be said both are simply relatively employed by say outlandish concerns.This is a serious issue but it's beans in a box regarding the players whom, again are doing highly stressful jobs but essentially are merely go to people from those overarching.Winners and losers, are not confined to the realms of horseriding nor traineeship.Its a very commercial sport, where investors these days can somehow be guaranteed return.How so?

  9. Frankie is a legend of the sport and always will be. I do think father time waits for no man but i still think he is one of the best jockeys in the world. He is a great judge of pace and has always been one of the best jockeys to lead from the front. There was nothing wrong with his ride on Lazoo yesterday. I think there is still plenty more good days for Frankie to come. I can see him be retained by Ralph Becketten

  10. Let's remember other jockeys ride to win and that is what there did there boxed him in you could see this from way out he could not go forward or back could not come out that was on the cards very early, he did what he thought was the only way he could win not knowing that a gap would open up if he stay where he was so it is what it is. The Queen's horse, I cannot remember what he could have done better but who am I ? He is a great jockey who the people believe in not the same as Starkey so many times he did not ride for the public.

  11. You deserved it . Mr. John Gosden done the right decision to kick you out from his stables. You messed up at Godolphin and now you did the same shit. You've been cheating so many times . Only things you know is doing business with all your Italian & Hong Kong punters.
    You think you are the only best jockey in this World. Remember where there's uphill , there's downhill also.

  12. His demeanour tells me everything that I suspected- he was sacked. Even the greats come to an end and his riding at Royal Ascot showed that he is on the wane. Sad but true.

  13. Frankie been a great jockey, but he has lived on Ascot and 7 winners for to many year's. He was shocking at Royal Ascot last week and if I Inspiral wasn't a machine he would of got beat on that aswell…88 Rides all season!

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