36 thoughts on “🇺🇸 USA vs. 🇵🇱 POL – Highlights Week 2 | Men's VNL 2022

  1. I have just one question… This is short from match win by Poland, right ? 50% win actions in this video comes from USA team. Even there is good action from Poland team, next shot is 5-10 points away when we see USA good play (you afreid show how much points in a row you lose ?).. Very, very one side shorts (and this is not first time)….

  2. 👦mr.shoji🏐👍👍👍👏👏👏and Yes!🇺🇸can learn Thee speed of the polish👨‍🦳👱🏐🏐🏐….But USA has beaten POLAND before.

  3. Why did anyone hire that commenting lady? In this highlights every single comment from her is 'ooh' or 'wow', nothing else. And it is much louder than the main commentator's voice, which is even more annoying.

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