22 thoughts on “Bianca Andreescu vs. Caroline Garcia | 2022 Bad Homburg Final | WTA Match Highlights

  1. I’d give anything for Ms.Andreescu to evolve into the player who can fight for a place in the top handful in the WTA again, just to stick it to all who have kicked her in the teeth while down. I would even be happy with just one more major title. If it doesn’t happen, I would never diss her, just thank her for all she gave, right from her heart.

  2. Looking forward to see Caroline plays Wimbledon and even if i don't really know Bianca well, i hope she will go far in the tournament, both deserved to win today and they went through tough times those last years so, good luck to both of you and i will root for Bianca as well even if i'm french 🙂

  3. Bianca is very expressive and caring person. If you read beneath her words in her speech to her team, she revealed she felt bad she didn’t win for them. It was not about herself as her detractors would ascertain. Think of her apologizing to the New Yorkers at the U.S. Open and consoling Serena at the Roger’s Cup. She is an exceptional, bright and unique athlete and human being, misunderstood and maligned by her detractors. The WTA is blessed to have her. I wish also to say I am very impressed by Ms. Garcia too as a player and person. It was a privilege to witness this match. To me, it was a “major” in all ways, no matter who won.

  4. At Andreescu 4 and Garcia 3 in the second set, and Garcia serving at 15(Andreescu) – 40(Garcia), doesn't the ball go out? This is at frame 5:23. It is glaring; it wasn't a near-miss; and it wasn't called out. What am I missing? Aside from that, it was a great comeback win for Garcia. Sorry for Andreescu. I was rooting for her. But congrats to Garcia!

  5. wta highlights don't show the critical moments. Andreescu was up 2-0 in the third set, 30-30. Then all of a sudden it's 4-3 Garcia. Would really be interesting to see how she got the lead.

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