16 thoughts on “Transform Your Volleys in 10 Minutes – Tennis Volley Lesson

  1. Here is a recommendation for the future videos:
    1. Record and present tutorials on some play strategies that players level 3.5-4.5 could use in tournaments. This is something that very few focus on, and it s fundamental to happy tennis life.
    2. Record and comment your own tournament plays
    3. Publish series of videos on how can players advance their levels of play (for example, most players never advance past NRTP 3.5, so it would be good to have a video or series of videos focused on guiding what it takes to advance a level)

  2. Hi Simon – Great video as usual. I use the same racquet as you, and was wondering what strings you find work well with it? I’m currently using Volkl Cyclone Tour. Thanks!

  3. Another fabulously clear and helpful step-by-step instructional video. I teach at the University. And this is definitely an A+ – and without grade inflation.

  4. I disagree with your footwork. I teach step out with outside foot while pushing off with the other. I arrive quicker and better position to hit accurate

  5. Very helpful, thanks. Can you do one for doubles volleys? When already at net, what to do when comes fast and hard at your body, not beside you? Where best to aim when there are two people to get past, etc.? Basics are the same, but must be some differences.

  6. would love to see more lessons with active drills included. It's nice to see it inaction and understand what you're trying to do on court. But don't know how to go about practicing it. Also home exercises or drills for those who can't spend as many hours or days on court.

  7. Fantastic advice that is logical and easy to understand. I plan to use this ASAP since I miss "easy" short balls often.

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