44 thoughts on “THE BEST DRIVERS IN GOLF for every style of golfer

  1. Random question, is there a Driver you would recomend thats in the higher spin category. I have the tendency to hit with very low spin and my ball tands to dip….i dont do it with any other club just with the driver. Im tired of the low spin ones just too much dependence on high lunch

  2. Always a good watch Mark…great content!

    Glad you picked the Mizuno, I was impressed when I tested back in March, downside being that ~14 weeks on I still don’t have it ☹️! I’ll admit I didn’t test much but did have a go with the Stealth (don’t use a driver much, I hit it a decent distance, and my course – Broadstone – is relatively short) I was looking for accuracy over distance though and it just felt incredible in comparison to my current, very old, Titleist 913.

    Keep up the informative / funny reviews!

  3. One of the biggest things for me has always been the looks. Pick the one I like the look of, then get fit for which head or degree after. It makes me want to use it and practice to be ok with it.

  4. Bought the cobra low spin one recently, he isn't wrong, the ball absolutely flies off the face and cuts through the air, I average about 250 but if you hit it plum and the roll is good you can get 300 (obviously better players than me could hit it even further), recommended.

  5. MD Golf,Benross and PXG all make good drivers too but never get a mention.(is it because these companies don’t pay millions of dollars for a player to use their clubs?) just asking.

  6. PXG for me. recently bought a 0811 driver £289. great advice through their site and lots of options. I have been fitted over the years for two or three drivers and would definitely rate the PXG above them. so much so I am considering a set of their irons now too.

  7. I love how you still show TM much respect given your history with them. Shows your integrity. They were acting like a bunch of babies for a bit. lol

  8. I would still like to see Various levels of ability hitting these clubs. I sure you could hit and have any in your bag and play well. 14 handicapper hitting 5 drives from each.

  9. Good morning. A very interesting exercise and well presented. Thank you. Having watched your shows for many years I think it’s the balance of your content that gives you the edge over other presenters. You can be both serious and very silly which is exactly what happens out on the course with other members or your friends. Now I know from watching your shows over the years that you do like a challenge and you do love bombing a driver albeit new ones with all the tech but what about the older players who still play with fixed shafts in their old worn out drivers (according to my partner). Several years ago my partner bought me a new driver (United PBD1) for my birthday with a Attas elements 5s shaft and it’s hidden away in the shed. I just can’t use it. It sounds like a train crash it’s unbalanced with a fixed shaft and yet it was one of the first to use carbon in the head with a frame that Calloway copied and she spent a lot of her pension on it. American golf suggested it was the right one for me but I’ve lived a lie all these years and now she wants to take up golf and go for a round with me. Would you please confirm for my own sanity that this United driver is a heap of junk and new tech isn’t for everybody. I secretly play a Cobra ss reg shaft. I’m quite willing to post the junk to anyone you want to annoy. Kind regards

  10. I just recently tested 3 top brands of 2022 drivers and the one that came out the best was the Mizuno which suprised me the feel and the sound of the the face it screemed speed .

  11. I personally love the slightly muted sound of the Stealth. I can’t stand the extremely loud “Ping” of the G425 (pun intended 😀). The only problem with that muted sound is that it makes heel or toe strikes less obvious, unless they are extreme. Also the ball doesn’t leave a mark on the face as with titanium one. The club itself does a good job of turning a poor strike into an ok one though.

  12. This is all relative to the individual using the club, for me the rogue far out performed the G425 and the Stealth, so the best option is to go for a fitting to get the best fit.

  13. Had a fitting session with all the current crop. Ended up with the Cobra ltdx LS. it’s an absolute rocket ship. Got it for £379 and got a full set of arccos tags which I’d been thinking of buying anyway. Absolute bargain. Ping was great, very straight, just not as long. Stealth was ok, but didn’t blow me away. Just couldn’t hit the rouge no matter which shaft they put in it.

  14. Out of curiosity, what is best sounding driver,?
    I have a Cobra Speedzone driver that works great for me but it's so loud I don't use it on the bottom deck of the range; it echoes off the ceiling and makes my ears ring!!

  15. Marks gonna do a mizuno driver tour of UK and Ireland I reckon.. showing up and shouting and golfers .. " you won't buuuy em!" 🤣

  16. So happy to see Mizuno in there with the “Standard” category alongside the TM. Both are great, but I think the pricing is really good comparatively against the big boys as well. I actually like the sound of both drivers.

  17. Hey Mark. Could you do an "old v new" driver video comparing drivers from 2012 v 2022 to show the consumer public just how little the "max" distance has changed in 10 years??

  18. with my driver i pushed the ball right, and then i got fitted for a new driver, and it was a toss up between the Ping g425sft, and the Callaway Rogue Max D. I eventually decided on the Callaway, and haven't regretted it at all

  19. Thanks Mark for your video and I'm a big fan of Cleveland golf since following your channle years ago. The clubs is very friendly to high handicapper with good price and performance. Just wondering if they will have a forged iron product in coming years.

  20. Good choices. Twist face has never suited my eye. I want a toe hit to draw so not a stealth, sim etc fan. Maybe PXG along with Cleveland on a budget

  21. I’m curious to try PXG gen4 where the three ports would allow to make the driver low spinning or draw bias or forgiving by using that heavier weight in the right spot. It’s just there is no way you can try it in local shop/demo in Canada (QC). Not sure I could take that « leap of faith »

  22. TSI is by far the best sounding driver I’ve hit out of all these clubs. And they perform so much better (similar to Cobra, and Ping for accuracy/distance). Stealth is not as accurate as any of those drivers named beside the Cleveland driver (haven’t hit it).

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