28 thoughts on “Is This Golf's NEXT BIG BRAND?

  1. Maybe some clarification. When you said Decathlon has as big of a R&D budget as Titleist or Callaway, is that in their entire company or just in the golf division? If it’s company wide they can’t match the other 2 for golf related products.

  2. Hi what percentage of their R&D goes into golf? My golf spy have just shown that the 900 tour ball is great for slower swing speeds but loses for the fast guys. I find myself recommending Decathlon often. Putter looks great.

  3. I've been using the inesis 500 golf ball, it's a bit on the hard side so doesn't generate much spin around the greens but it clearly states that it is a distance ball and does what it says on the tin. I'm considering an upgrade to my clubs soon and will certainly be looking at inesis

  4. While working in Holland I bought the same premium putter for €100 in store. It's fantastic and I use it over my old Odyssey, haven't holed more puts of 8 foot plus in my life. Feels great off the face with the weighted milled insert.

  5. I recently purchased the inesis distance 100 balls and scored my lowest ever score round my local course. They are environmentally friendly as well if ever a ball can be and at 66 pence each you don’t mind as a higher handicapper if you do lose one or two. They do have a semi custom fitting service if you are buying inesis clubs as well albeit very basic but for beginner golfers it’s probably enough as a start. Great video Matt.

  6. I’m interested in these clubs but they are not available to view in any decathlon store only online. I would imagine most golfers would like see and get a feel for the clubs before purchasing so decathlon should stock a good selection of their golf products in the bigger stores.

  7. Golf is such a mental game that if you pay a lot you expect a lot. I have Thomas golf irons. They are affordable and do the job.

  8. I am fully clothed from there for golf and bike and it’s great value for the price (cooling polo-shirt around 10-15 pounds, trousers are around 15-20).
    But the real gear like bike & clubs I bought from specialized companies (Cube, TaylorMade)

  9. I used the cheapest Inesis putter for a while, didn't sound very nice but for £20 you wouldn't expect it to. Performance though was really good – just bought an older Odyssey White Hot #7 putter for £30 though and couldn't resist. Great video

  10. The 900 ball didn't fare very well in the mygolfspy ball test. It was about 17yds shorter than the longest ball from memory
    They really didn't rate it. For £30 a dozen you can get the srixon q star tour. A much better option imo. I sometimes play the 500 soft in the winter. It's ok but no better than a srixon soft. I have an inesis hybrid. It's fine for £40 but it does feel cheap. You get what you pay for.

  11. I have some Inesis products and I am happy with them. I got the 500 3h, 4h and the 2021 500 mallet putter, I have two sizes of Inesis bags, the waterproof cart bag for the full 14 club set, and Inesis ultra light carry bag for 7 clubs. Currently I am using the ultra light more often and I am happy with it. Also have the Inesis golf shoes, the dry weather model. And I am always playing using my Inesis cap which is os light very breathable material. And of course their golf balls. I have used the 100 ball a lot, the 500 ball isn't for me, but I like the 900 and have played them quite a lot too. All in all, Decathlon and Inesis makes good quality products, perhaps not absolute top tier, but then again, neither am I. 🙂

  12. Got to agree with you Matt. I live in Thailand and there is a Decathlon store nearby. Very good quality at very good prices. Don't let your ego rule you. Give them a try.

  13. I'm from the US here. I would absolutely welcome a new brand that can offer the same as the current upper models but at a better price. However me going to decathlon and looking everything is sold out and they don't offer much golf wise. I'm guessing it's because I'm in the US and not in the UK. Keep up the good work Matt!

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