20 thoughts on “Yūki Ishikawa vs Rok Možič | Japan vs Slovenia | Highlights | Men's VNL 2022 (HD)

  1. Rok Mozic is a very good player you can see his effort and did his best that he has something to give to his team. Goodluck team sLOVEvolley 🇸🇮

  2. Shame how these comments are just completely disregarding Mozic. I love Ishikawa and all but that pipe at 00:43 was probably the best play of the entire video.

  3. JAPAN IMPROVED SO MUCH. AND MAYBE THEIR FANS IS A BIG FACTOR. SLOVENIA PLAYED BAD AT THE SET 1,3, 4. It's like they already given up. Anyways gluck on your week 3 team sLOVEvolley. LOVEYOU TEAM💙💚

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