34 thoughts on “Petra Kvitova vs. Jelena Ostapenko | 2022 Eastbourne Final | WTA Match Highlights

  1. Elated for Kvitova such a beautiful person inside and out, she’s a warrior and a gracious player! She’s so easy to root for, I’m so happy when she wins 🙏💚

  2. The repeats are unwatchable for their senseless camera jerking, zooming, panning. Can't see anything. Make repeats enjoyable by just slowing down the action, nothing more.

  3. well-deserved victory on the behalf of Petra Kvitova ever in Eastbourne, I am really proud of her performance, mobility and efficiency despite advancing age. It is definiltely one of the most precious championships which was attained by Czech legend. She has competed resolute, robust and valiant throughout the whole tournament, making us an impression about gaining the title in this wta tourney. To be truthful, she is seeking to be more resilient and dauntless even though she is over 32. You are the pride of the whole Czechia in order to represent your nation in the transnational events. As my third female tennis player, humility, modesty and courtesy with your character, you keep becoming a decent example to everyone. Huge congrats for your 29th title in the history!

  4. Wow. Ostapenko giving a decent handshake or semi hug after a loss? This must be the first time. Petra must be really really awesome. Super glad Petra won:)

  5. Given the current state of the women's game, Kvitova can win Wimbledon. Why not! But she can also lose first round too. Happy for her today.

  6. Miluju ji a budu podporovat i když se ji nedaří. Bylo těžký sledovat jak se ji nedařilo dokončit zápasy, ale tohle stalo za všechno. Celej turnaj mi lepšil den po dnu, když vyhravala!!

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