13 thoughts on “In Gee Chun reflects on KPMG Women’s PGA Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

  1. take a womens golf event, call it the same thing as a mens major and wallah! it becomes a major. or does it? the lpga pga? stupid sounding isn't it? yep.

  2. IN GEE, going thru struggles like you did and coming out the other side as a major (3) champion is incredible!! your older Sister must be so proud of you now, tough tough golf course plus playing with the best LPGA in the field, now IN GEE you and 2 others South Korean have three majors ( Imbee & Si ri) continue success in 2022, Dumbo rules once again, and received the 2nd biggest purse in LPGA history ( 1.35m ) Wow! your a role model for S.Korean girls in the future, they can only be so lucky to be like IN GEE CHUN!!!!

  3. Her English isn't great — but it's obvious she's worked hard at it. (Much better than any of us could do, on a South Korean TV interview!) She's overcome a lot, and obviously has a ton of talent. Great job…and continued success in the future!

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