22 thoughts on “Xander Schauffele wins 6th PGA TOUR title | Round 4 | Travelers | 2022

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  2. Gutted for theegala. I wanted a playoff because both him and xander played so well. But you cant fault xander he played almost flawlessly and even birdied the last. A well deserving victory.

  3. Except for Schauffele that final leaderboard looks like a bunch of nobodies. Where are some big names like Keopka, Johnson, Dechambaeu, Reed, Garcia (all major winners)? Oh. OH! I see.

  4. Man, the fact that the @PGA can’t have tracers on these shots speaks volumes. You’ve got people like goodgood, finch, shiels, gmgolf, Micahmorrisgolf, and a ton of lads making content just as good if not better. Based solely off production quality.

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