37 thoughts on “The Wimbledon Evening Show presented by Jaguar | Day One | Wimbledon 2022

  1. What was that – where were the highlights? Andy Murray’s highlights didn’t even show him playing a shot. Spent more time listening to the host than seeing any tennis

  2. The shots of the grounds, the random stories about the queue and the editing are all quite solid. The lack of highlights and lack of comfort talking about tennis by the two personalities is shocking for a brand as prestigious as Wimbledon.

  3. Greatest world number one ranking tennis player of all time list: ❤️

    🇪🇸1) Rafael Nadal.
    🇨🇭2) Roger Federer.
    🇺🇸3) Pete Sampras.
    🇺🇸4) Andre Agassi.
    🇸🇪5) Stefan Edberg.
    🇦🇺6) Lleyton Hewitt.
    🇷🇺7) Marat Safin.
    🇺🇸8) Andy Roddick.
    🇧🇷9) Gustavo Kuerten.
    🇦🇺10) Patrick Rafter.
    🇪🇸11) Carlos Moya.
    🇦🇷12) David Nalbandian.

  4. I guarantee 100% & confidence 🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) the Beast will lift up the Trophy 🏆 2022 Wimbledon champion for the record 4th time & 23rd major champion is still coming soon in advance 💪!!! Mark my word and Vamos Rafa!!! Warriors and Cheers to the Spanish Bull!!! 🇪🇸🏆🐐

  5. Complete a career major title list: 🏆

    🇪🇸1) Rafael Nadal.
    🇨🇭2) Roger Federer.
    🇦🇺3) Rod Laver.
    🇩🇪4) Bill Tilden.
    🇺🇸5) Andre Agassi.
    🇦🇺6) Roy Emerson.

    The Greatest rivalry list: 🎾

    1) Federer vs Nadal.
    2) Sampras vs Agassi.
    3) Hewitt vs Safin.
    4) Edberg vs Lendl.
    5) Connor vs McEnroe.

  6. The GOAT of tennis list: 👑

    🇪🇸1) Nadal: 👑
    🇨🇭2) Federer: 👑
    🇺🇸3) Sampras: 🐐
    🇺🇸4) Agassi: 🐐
    🇸🇪5) Edberg: 🐐

    The most grand slam title list: 🏆

    🇪🇸1) Nadal: 22nd major champion.
    🇨🇭2) Federer: 21st major champion.
    🇺🇸3) Sampras: 15th major champion.
    🇦🇺4) Laver: 13th major champion.
    🇸🇪5) Borg: 12th major champion.

  7. Wimbledon is a great tournament but the 'British tradition' aspect is just the aesthetic of tory conservatism and monarchism. its hideous. 'I love being British'… did Priti Patel write the patter?

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