36 thoughts on “Haotong Li makes 40ft putt to win 2022 BMW International Open | Round 4 Highlights

  1. 2:30 Um… Why is that crew directly in front of him? I know he's a pro and everything, but 9 times out of 10 I'd skull it right into them. Good on him for not making a stink about it.

  2. He's got the heart of a lion! What a performance! I've been rooting for him for a longtime. I'm so happy for him. Congrats on your wonderful playing and win. More to come. . .more to come!

  3. I honestly believe that reaction, that much emotion, that much intensity, after making that great putt by Li, had an effect on Pieters. Tiger did it all the time, and that much crowd involvement is a bit shocking to anyone.

  4. The cumulative total of YEARS worth of emotions and guttoral striving to summit that mountain released in a singular moment. The belief and determination to achieve that is absolutely phenomenal. Enjoy your victory and then get back to it and give em the old 1, 2 lad! Good on ya mate! Cheers for a job well done!

  5. If you've never played competitive golf and you're talking s about his reaction then hold your peace, he wasn't even in control of his emotions right there. He was controlling them all day, then everything you saw at the end is what was going on inside him all day without you even knowing. You can't imagine that feeling of finally being able to let those emotions go. I personally love to see it (although I do agree he should've tried at least to shake Pieters/caddy hand first)

  6. Absolutely massive for Haotong literally cannot imagine the pressure of being the premier golfer from China who was winless for 4 years, brings one to tears

  7. golf is a bitch, feel like quitting one day. Feel like you can make it to #1 on the next.

    Get the camera out. Get the feedback. Dont let it bring you down when youre off by just a few degrees. Thats all it takes to mess you up real good.

  8. If only pros celebrated like this all the time. I mean the guy quit 10 months ago. We've all been there.
    I would have done a few laps of the green if I had won. Well done Li.

  9. Really happy for him, but you must always congratulate your playing partner first. Lovely to see some raw emotion in sport, I hope someone gives him a gentle tap on the shoulder afterwards.

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