23 thoughts on “How my mate got so much better at golf

  1. Great video, I was off 9 at the end of summer and now back up to 11.6 so 12 basically and I feel that made game is better and more consistent now than last year its strange how that works, I feel that I could get back down but like mentioned in the video its about keeping those doubles and worse off your card, its just difficult some times I put a lot of pressure on myself and always again like mentioned try to hit a worldie to the green instead of getting back on the fairway and playing from there.

  2. Brilliant video mate. Really enjoyed that. Only managed to watch it today (28th) was well worth the wait.

    Deffo going to try to follow matts short game tips, it's something that has left me over the past 18 months or so. Having gone from 2.7 upto 3.8 (which isn't alot I know) but its a area that I can tidy up a bit.

    Would love to see you guys play a full 18 hole course vlog. Be great to hear both your inputs as you're playing.

    Anyway, stay cool, look after yourself mate & see you in the future 😉

  3. Great video Rob, I don't even play golf but I found this video really interesting. Just checked out the website of our local Golf course, think I might give it a go!

  4. Great video, very helpful. I've come down 4 shots to 12 this year and looking to get to singles. Quick question, what is the swing tracer software you use for the driver plane please?

  5. Appreciate the time you took to produce this, lots of food for thought I’m as guilty as the next man for just bashing balls down the range been stuck at 14 for quite some time. Need to give myself a reality check and practice the short game more often.

  6. Interested to know how often Matt plays in comps? I know a few low handicappers that barely play anything, seemingly to preserve their status, maybe just so they can still play in scratch matches???

  7. I've got to say Rob, you're standard of production and content are absolutely first class, as regards golf "she's a cruel mistress" I've no doubt you'll get back to where you once we're, keep up the good work.👍

  8. One big takeaway is the imposter syndrome – I think this helps explain shooting career rounds on the front 9 followed by complete blowups on the back 9.

  9. I can soooooo relate to this! I played off 8 for a long time. Then during Covid played and practice a lot and got down to 2.1. I constantly thought I wasn’t good enough to be a 2! Now I’m comfortable playing off 4. Pros play bad shots too!

  10. Great interview! This is what I like, a realistic & down to earth break down of what a better player does/did to get better. Keep 'em coming!

  11. You say his misses were less costly, but he got away with some stuff too. Some pretty good lies in the rough, the missed chip on 18 that somehow stays on top of the ridge pin high instead of falling into a hollow etc.

  12. Really hope you continue to be consistent with your golf uploads. You would do really well and I watch pretty much every upload.

  13. Best golf advice and vid I have ever watched flipping orsum I’m on 10 and can relate exactly to everything in this vid many thanks

  14. Very interesting. He has figured out what works for him. He does not have a conventional golf swing. I wonder what his lie angles are, due to the fact he stands farther away from the ball, out stretched arms, and his super strong lead hand grip. Thanks for the video.

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