44 thoughts on “Manchester City 1-0 Chelsea | Premier League Highlights

  1. Respect to Chelsea fans here whi admires kdb 👍🏼……some of the salty fans from other clubs might hate on him as he left their team but the comments here showed that most of Chelsea fans are a class above…mad respect from a Barca fan!

  2. Controversial opinion here, but we need to cash out on Kepa now while he is on form. Its not fair to keep such a good, young keeper from regular game time.

  3. Embarasing how 1 player can take off easily 3 chelsea players.
    Definitly not going to win de EPL and neither the champions league.
    It's a shame how Last season this team was playing incredible and this season it' s embarrasing.

  4. the plan was smart but if you want to depend on counter attack then bring players with speed like werner and mount for example not luka even luka is one of the best strikers but he is so slow so the plan was good but not perfect !

  5. Kepa should have saved the goal. As powerful as it was, it wasn't heading the corner and you can clearly see that Kepa reacts slowly. There are reasons that even the best long shot takers only score 2 to 3 goals outside the penalty box a season. No matter how fast the shot is, keepers should be able to get their hands on the ball if they are not heading the corner.

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